Disaster preparedness and emergency management, community based organization


Regional Ready Rockaway is a group of trained Emergency Preparedness professionals in the Rockaway area, and community leaders understanding the need to plan and galvanize this community for emergencies.

We come together to study our hazard possibilities unique to ROCKAWAY and calculate our resources already in the community and those having to come from outside the community.

who we Are

Regional Ready Rockaway is actively engaged in monitoring the threats of natural disasters and educating our community and people on the response needed to safeguard our people.

Ready Regional Rockway has established an educational program consisting of volunteers who are trained and certified by American Red Cross in greater New York (ARC/GNY) on personal emergency preparedness. These certified volunteers are knows as Ready Rockway’s Community Outreach specialist and quite often referred to as REGIONAL READY ROCKWAY’s ‘foot soldiers’. With their certifications these specialists will offer presentation throughout the community at civic meetings, religious activities, tenant organization meetings and other gatherings to share information and empower participants to become self-reliant in times of emergencies and crisis.

What We Do

We Train You

Regional Ready Rockaway collaborates with World Care Centers to provide disaster response training to the Ready Rockaway community. Training has been provided in the community and is also offered online. Empowering communities to prepare for respond to, and recover from disasters through training, support, and coordination

We Build Networks

Ready Rockaway is committed to expanding the Healthcare Coalition by creating MOU’s between ALL healthcare facilities on the Rockaway Peninsula. The Healthcare Coalition will serve as an information clearinghouse for healthcare institution data which will provide information to the state and city agencies, which encourages communication.  Additionally, Ready Rockaway will create an Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) and provide trainings and drills on a regular basis to promote sound awareness of the plan and ensure it is operational when an actual event occurs.

We Educate

Through the growth of Rockaway’s CERT and Community Outreach Specialists Regional Ready Rockaway is committed to educating the community on personal emergency preparedness.

We Build Relationships With Emergency Preparedness Partners

The mission of Regional Ready Rockaway is to bring together the Rockaway Peninsula’s emergency preparedness and community partners to assess community hazard vulnerability; conduct collaborative planning; educate the local population; and arrange for available resources as needed to support emergency preparedness.